Openpath Access Control

Openpath creates smart security solutions for the modern office. The company’s flagship product, Openpath Access, combines sleek hardware with an app, enabling employees to enter the office using their smartphone. Unlike legacy systems, Openpath’s software is cloud-based, meaning Access easily scales with your business and seamlessly integrates with platforms like GSuite and Office365.

Openpath’s patented SurePath Mobile technology ensures reliability and quick entry via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE. With encryption at every level and powerful, user-level permissions, Openpath Access is both more secure and more dynamic than traditional access control systems. Openpath Access’ streamlined, customizable features make office management easier than ever.

Key Features

Mobile Credential

Use a phone or smartwatch (IOS & Android) to gain entry.

Cloud Based

Manage your system from anywhere.

Lock Down

Instantly lock any door, any time from anywhere.


Openpath integrates with the solutions you already use.

Real-Time Reporting

See access events as they happen.

Guest Pass

Text a one-time key to visitors.

Zone Sharing

Landlords can share zones with tenants.

Schedule Locking

Set schedules for any entry.

Remote Access

Unlock any door from anywhere

Mobile App

Smart Entry

With just two taps, your Openpath app will be installed and ready to use.

Employees can also customize the app to prioritize their most-used doors, or opt into two-factor authentication.

Cloud Software

Manage all your sites and users from a single interface for real-time access control 24/7

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