Video Surveillance

Protecting your business around the clock

Blueram Technology has been established as a trusted and reliable security company in Chicago and the surrounding area. We offer the latest video security technologies and surveillance solutions that help solve security challenges, and meet the needs of your application — and your budget.

Complete Video Management Solution

A video surveillance system is your first-line-of defense theft, liabilities, vandalism, and property damage. Installing a high-quality, multi-camera security camera systems at your place of business enables you to keep watch 24/7. And, with remote viewing capabilities.

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Customized Security Solutions – for YOUR Specific Needs

Our commercial surveillance systems are designed to address the surveillance and operational needs across several industries such as Warehouses, Education, Construction sites, Offices, Retail Healthcare Facilities and many more.

Whether you manage a single office building, a campus consisting of several buildings, or a network including multiple locations requiring centralized management, you need your security systems to provide value well beyond the basic benefits of security, loss prevention, and risk management.

Camera to Cloud Video Surveillance

A secure and scalable solution that provides access to live or recorded video footage anytime anywhere.

Perfect for businesses with multiple locations or remote locations. Our cloud surveillance solution also provides a lower total cost of ownership by reducing your up-front hardware investment and only paying for the storage capacity needed.

Security means something different for every business. No matter which type of business you operate, we will work with you to understand the specific needs of YOUR application, and customize a security solution to deliver the desired results.

About Blueram Technology

We offer the latest video security technologies and physical security solutions that help solve security challenges and meet the needs of your application and your budget. Additionally, our trained security technicians are experts at servicing virtually any size security application from small, single-site installation, to large, multi-site, multi-location projects. We also offer a comprehensive set of security services ranging from site survey and needs assessment, to local installations, technical support, and post-installation maintenance — to support your project from start to finish.

We serve the following metropolitan areas:

Illinois: Chicago, Oak Park, Orland Park, Schaumburg, Naperville, Elgin, Oak Brook, Aurora.
Wisconsin: Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee.

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Find out how Blueram Technology can help you find the right technology solution to meet your security needs and protect what matters most – your people, your business and your property.

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