Wireless Solutions

We enable businesses of all sizes to build powerful wireless communication networks or extend your current network infrastructure ranging from 200 kilometers across mountain tops down to your devices.

Indoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Point-to-Point Wireless

Indoor Wi-Fi

Our indoor enterprise Wi-Fi provides high performance wireless access that satisfies end users.

We offer secure, scalable, cloud-managed solutions for small and mid-size business to support network applications.

Outdoor WiFi

Fixed Wireless for connecting buildings and/or outdoor assets

Our Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint wireless solutions bring reliable, affordable Wi-Fi anywhere you want. Our solutions reduces the complexity and cost of installation while delivering consistent connectivity for streaming video, any application data including voice applications.

Point to Point Wireless (PTP)

Point to Point Wireless (PTP) is a method of connecting two locations with ethernet when wires cannot be deployed typically due the substantial cost of ADSL/fibre or where terrain does not allow for cable to be dug into the ground. A PTP bridge could be used to connect two buildings in a school or business park, provide backhaul for a Application data, Surveillance Systems or ISP network or serve as a lower CAP/OPEX leased line replacement in both rural & urban areas.

Our Proven Solutions

Enterprise-class 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi access layer networks for high-speed access

Indoor Wi-Fi networks Outdoor hotspot and Wi-Fi networks  

Long-range point-to-point wireless backhaul to reach remote locations  

Licensed microwave and unlicensed backhaul

Wide-area point-to-multipoint wireless distribution to cover broad areas  

Licensed and unlicensed wide-area networks  

Single pane of glass network management  

Bird’s-eye view of field area network Rapid on-boarding and provisioning of new nodes End-to-end performance and fault management Centralized firmware and software management

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