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Classroom Wi-Fi solutions that perform efficiently enable teachers to maximize learning opportunities for students.

About Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi products with advanced management capabilities deliver high capacity and fast installation in an affordable package – to connect people, places and things. Cambium Networks offers secure, scalable, cloud-managed solutions for home, small business, and both indoor and outdoor enterprise local Wi-Fi network applications.

SIMPLE: make school Wi-Fi network design and device configuration easy to maximize learning

Zero-Touch Configuration Day Zero – Pre-configure the network even before you receive the access points

Day One – Just plug in the access points and they will be configured automatically

Ongoing – Automatic RF controls adjust the network. Roaming is seamless for users across campus. Manage everything easily from one console

EasyPass access management supports Google G-suite and Microsoft Azure integration. Additionally, it supports IoT integration, guest access and more to cover a wide variety of use cases

Monitor and manage the entire network via XMS, whether for a school or districtwide. Do this from a single screen to optimize performance and minimize network downtime

SCALABLE: Wi-Fi solutions to connect a school or district

Connect a single school with 10 classrooms or standardize a district-wide solution. Cambium Networks offers a complete portfolio of Wi-Fi access points and a variety of options for management systems. As a result, both large and small schools can grow with our solutions. Solutions include Zero-Touch configuration, automatic RF optimization, seamless roaming and a dashboard. The dashboard includes system-level, site-level and access point level key performance indicators (KPI). Under those circumstances, you can deploy the entire network in one day and manage with enterprise-grade automation.

Scale Wi-Fi coverage across high-density networks, sports arenas and auditoriums. These locations have application visibility and control, integrated network security and embedded controller intelligence. With this in mind, you can optimize performance for multiple locations.

ECONOMICAL: deploy indoor and outdoor school Wi-Fi with low total cost

Reduce the cost and hassle of Wi-Fi. Altogether, high-density access points reduce equipment requirements, associated site preparation and labor costs. Automated management optimizes network performance, and IT teams can manage the network without being on site. Administrators should never have to touch an access point and never send a technician.

School Wi-Fi, campus Wi-Fi and information technology IT teams, along with managed service providers, can provide these Wi-Fi solutions. Subsequently, K-12 and higher education environments can experience high customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Case Studies

Plymuth School District, Wisconson.

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Dunman High School, Singapore.

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Houston County Board of Education, Georgia.

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