Construction Site Internet

Fast, Temporary Internet

Are you in the construction business where temporary trailers are a daily part of your life? In need of a temporary Internet connection? Need a quick, easy, mobile, and fast Internet solution?

This kit includes a MetroLTE with antenna that is easily self-installable with FREE WiFi and unlimited connected users.

It is scalable, extremely mobile, and can ship to you overnight. The MetroLTE simply attaches to a convenient location in the trailer or on site and the optional antenna mounts to the roof for ultimate speeds and reliability.

Contact us for competitive rates for your convenient and complete “no headache” solution today, and be up and running tomorrow! It’s that simple

MetroLTE Benefits

  • LTE Advanced for Faster Speeds
  • Emergency Units Available
  • Average Deployment of 5-7 days
  • Static IP Addresses & SD-WAN Features Included
  • Hosted PBX & SIP can be Deployed on Platform
  • Unlimited 3G once Data Cap is Exceeded (No Overages)
  • Replacement can be Shipped within 24 Hours
  • Dual Spectrum Bands Offer Better Signal, Consistency & Higher Speeds

Construction Site Surveillance

Live Video Monitoring

Help maintain a secure environment while minimizing liability and reducing costly guard expenses. We can safeguard unmanned and remote locations, gates, perimeter fences, equipment, cranes and other valuable assets.

About Blueram Technology

We offer the latest video security technologies and physical security solutions that help solve security challenges and meet the needs of your application and your budget. Additionally, our trained security technicians are experts at servicing virtually any size security application from small, single-site installation, to large, multi-site, multi-location projects. We also offer a comprehensive set of security services ranging from site survey and needs assessment, to local installations, technical support, and post-installation maintenance — to support your project from start to finish.

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