Intelligent Video Analytics

Gain better visibility throughout your organization and know when things aren’t right

Blueram Technology can help design and implement video analytic solutions that create multiple benefits in business and security intelligence through neural networks powered by AI and deep learning algorithms.

Behavior Analytics

Detect specific human poses in hazardous situation such as unusual behavour, active shooter and fall detection

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Object Counting & Tracking

Foot traffic measurements and unique people counting e.g. cars in a parking lot, people on the sales floor, wares moving on a conveyor belt, etc.

License Plate Recognition

Search and Display License Plates
Real-time alerts on Non wanted vehicles

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Facial Recognition

Find faces that match a picture, video image or photo-fit, and instantly match them against a watchlist of individuals

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Fire and Smoke Detection

Intelligent fire and smoke video detection operates in areas where other types of sensors are ineffective, e.g. in open spaces. It provides early detection of fire hotspots which leads to a significant reduction in damage.

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