When to Utilize a High-Security Door Lock

While having a traditional lock and key can provide you with some base level security for your property, you may want to consider utilizing something a bit more secure in the long run for even more peace of mind.

High-Security Door Locks

These types of locks are deadbolts that have a security rating of UL 2058 which means that the lock has been proven resistant to lock picking, key copying, and other attacks. They are also complex cylinders, durable, have solid metal construction, and patented key designs that are difficult to copy. They also can’t be sawed or drilled off like you could with a traditional lock which makes them a much more secure option for your home or business.

Where Should I Use High-Security Door Locks?

Unsure of where you could effectively use these door locks? Since they are a deadbolt, they can be used in any residential or commercial applications when you want to maintain a higher level of security than before. Maybe you have been recently robbed, or you have valuables you want to secure-then a high-security door lock is something to consider.

Residential and commercial doors, sheds and garages, closes, lockboxes, and even safes can use this kind of lock effectively, and it provides you with an increased level of protection for your property and belongings.

Other Benefits of High-Security Door Locks

In addition to the added peace of mind you gain from having a stronger lock in place, you can also experience the added benefit of knowing that your key cannot be easily duplicated if lost. Patented blanks are used for high-security locks which means that only the manufacturer or an authorized locksmith in Chicago can successfully duplicate the key.

Also, if you lost your key for a traditional and standard pin-and-tumbler lock, then you would have to replace the entire thing to secure the property. With a high-security lock, however, the lock can be reset, and a new key can be cut.

This type of lock as already mentioned is also tamper proof which means it cannot be drilled or sawed. It is also not a lock that can be picked because the keys for these locks are cut on an angle and the pins work with the mechanisms of the lock to unlock the door.

Finally, a high-security lock as you can see from above can also cut down on any long-term costs you may experience. Not only will you be securing your home, but you also save money by not having to replace the entire setup if the key or lock had been compromised.

High-security locks are an effective level of protection that any business in Chicago can benefit from. So, if you are looking for a more secure way to protect your assets, consider replacing your standard lock today with a high-security door lock instead.

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